Monday, June 07, 2004

"Pearls before swine"

It is interesting how writing about serious subjects can affect people differently. How you are affected depends on how emotionally mature you are and whether or not you suffer from mental illness. Words can be like evocative smells. They remind us of our own situations. Maybe neglect, abuse, and a lack of achievement and accomplishment ferment in the warped psyche of some individuals. The realisation of their own loss and lack of opportunity is too much for them and a knee jerk superficial reaction is all they are capable of. Articles are glanced at in the main. Like most things, you get out what you put in. We are the products of our own experiences. Our model of the world is moulded by them.

My observations are that some people are just ill equipped to deal with anything that isn't superficial. Comments made by such individuals are the manifestation of a "dog in a manger" mentality.

Writing stories to share was initially interesting until I realised there is a minority of people out there reading them that have nothing to share except venom and a distasteful sense of their warped perceptions and personalities. I don't care who reads my mind through my words. It is an individual choice. It is the reader's time to spend.

Talking of warped perceptions and personalities, I'm off to watch "The Simpsons" ... good choice or poor choice... ?!


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