Monday, May 24, 2004

Watch and Learn

Today when I was watching Larry King Live, I had an epiphany..... Frasier (aka Kelsey Grammer) built a career on the life and work of Tony Randall. Frasier talks like Tony Randall, acts like Tony Randall and even incorporates Tony Randall, the real person into the "Frasier" character. Tony was an opera fan in real life.... Tony Randall, died on May 23rd 2004. He was aged 84. Old enough for no-one to really remember him, but good enough to be copied. I wonder if the TV station just wanted a copy act or whether Kelsey saw an opportunity to be "popular" and styled himself on the man. I'm interested in watching re-runs of "The Odd Couple" just to make comparisons. "This old heart of mine" was a hit for the Isley Brothers and I heard it on the radio the other day by a "newie". The time frame fits......... 60's, 70's and "naughties"...... 30 year gap. I thought Rod Stewart was great until I heard the Isley Brothers... Anyway all this time I thought Frasier was unique and brilliant, only to realise he was just a "cover"

* "This old Heart of Mine" by Rod Stewart was the first and last single I ever bought twice!! I lost the first one in Boots the Chemist in Middlesbrough in 1975. It was released on the album "Atlantic Crossing" .... er did that in '98


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