Monday, May 24, 2004

The Emperor's New Jewels

It struck me to ponder and wonder on the question "What the new currency will be for those among us that are "Sneetches on the Beaches"? Diamonds are at bargain basement prices. Anyway, here you have it ... not news to those who create and market, but to the rest of us pundits... the PEARL IS THE NEW DIAMOND!! Or Clear and sparkling is er... the new white/cream/black/pink! (Black is not brown or grey and never will be!) Interestingly, diamonds like pearls, have similar colours.

Tiffanys opening all those pearl stores has to be a giveaway... Pearls can be graded just like diamonds...
Two draw backs.. (i) pearls are very fragile.. the body secretions of acids in sweat affect them, they hate perfume and lotions... and (ii) they have no industrial commercial value like diamonds have. Let's see who falls for the marketing. When I sold jewelry to a discerning clientele, pearls were not popular. Like opals, people were superstitious about them. "Pearls for tears" is what I remember! Let's see how the media campaign can change our perceptions.


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