Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Never mind the lyrics is the tune catchy?

Wolfblitzer's opening comments after the speech Arnold made on CNN's coverage of the Republican Convention today were demeaning and distracting. And I quote "He may speak with er still an Austrian accent. He may er not necessarily be the most polished speaker in the world but Judy Woodruff, I think by all accounts that was a great speech he delivered here today". I say "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" It may be a cliche but it is relevant here!

She says that was a "boffo performance" A very articulate and educated response don't you think?

To comment on his Austrian accent before anything else, suggests to me that the commentator is a prejudiced bigot and makes me wonder why he is employed in the first place. The CNN's team conversations after the speech were not conversations I would participate in or pay any attention to in real life. Surely there are people interested in Politics who can lead an educated discussion. Arnold's speech was terrific and he could single handedly get Bush re-elected. Most Americans are immigrants or of immigrant descent. Whatever Arnold has to say... I'll be listening to intently. Who is going to start the inevitable campaign to change the Constitution to enable Arnold to be elected President? Here is a man with universal appeal. He could unite the world. The guy has what it takes. Watch this space....


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