Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The real cost of gas is paid by others...

People complain about the cost of a tank of gas. Ten percent of Shell's oil comes the Niger Delta and the country earns $10 billion dollars from the sale of oil. BBC NEWS | In pictures: Poisonous gas

Every time I drive past a Shell garage I will have these images transfixed in my mind. After seeing this, I will always drive by, never on to the forecourt. Are there any oil companies with "a clean image"? The people who live in the Delta are being poisoned and their lands are being laid to waste. These are crimes against humanity in a different kind of battle zone. People are being deprived of a simple life because my life necessitates I drive a car. The water they drink, the fish they eat and the air they breathe makes them sick. I feel ashamed.


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