Monday, November 08, 2004

Search for a Therapist near you.

This is just to remind myself that I do have a profession.Search for a Therapist near you.

"1 Match(es) found.
Rosemary Marks
San Jose, California  95125
United States
Phono-Graphix Reading Lessons for small groups and individual students. Also offers Science classes for elementary-high school students"

This blog is to reassure myself that I could in fact find useful as well as productive paid employment, contribute once more to my measly pension plan, (15 years of paying into the UK's teacher's pension; thankfully indexed linked) if it were not for the fact I home-school my darling genius offspring. Oh ... the choices to be made..... (the pension thing doesn't matter because at the rate I'm going I'll be dead by the time they are in college!)